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Name:Anton Gorodetsky
Birthdate:Feb 22
Once there was a young man who didn't want much from life but comfort. He found love but then lost it. Like many before him, he sought the aid of a witch to get his love back. Unlike many before him he was stopped before it was too late but in a way, it was too late for he discovered he wasn't ordinary and life would never be simple again.

Anton Gorodetsky is an Other, a magician of the Light, and is thirty years old. He is of average height and weight, has light brown hair and brown eyes, and tends to dress casually in light tones and shades. He has spent the seven years since his run in with the witch learning to be a magician of the Light Others while working the IT department of the Moscow Night Watch, the department that polices the Dark Others and monitors their activities. For what it is worth, Anton has found a measure of peace and so of course his Boss and mentor, who happens to be the head of the Moscow Night Watch, has decided it is time for him to become a field agent.

All of Anton's abilities are tied to his being able to enter or access the Gloom - or Twilight as it is sometimes called - a parallel reality in wich all supernatural beings may enter. How deeply you can enter determines your skill and power level. Anton is currently only a level five or maybe four (a level or so past the base level), able to cast spells, use amulets and artifacts, and enter and perceive the top layers of the Gloom and cast spells .

He is able to sense super natural entities, predict probabilities, read auras, walk through locked doors (assuming they are not warded) and other minor chicaneries.

Despite his magical abilities, he sometimes carries a Desert Eagle handgun loaded with exploring silver bullets.

Anton Gorodetsky is from the wonderful Watch series by Sergei Lukyanenko, (sometimes called World of Watches or Night Watch). He is not mine. Likewise, Konstantin Khabensky is his own person. They appear here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar , from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

At this point, he is a day or so before the first story in The Night Watch (Nochnoi Dozor). He is also from the book and not the movie (though I am folding some elements of the movie into his past pre-NIght Watch).

Also, while Anton is Russian and a Muscovite, the mun is not. I will be substituting music popular in the US and the UK as I am unfamiliar with Russian music and using Google to fake knowledge of Russia and Moscow.
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