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 Anton enters and the doll sneaks in. Basic reactions ensue.

Guppy and Aesclepius are startled by something but don't get a good look.

The doll visits Audrey and Nathan before finding the Lost and Found box.

"Sarah" (i.e. Amascut ) has a run in with a pink and white stuffie and is aided by a young Quinlan Vos and Helena Wells.

Autor proves that even with supernatural horrors it's good to remember that humans make the worse monsters. Then Katya arrives...while Amascut is impressed.

Red brings his own brand of justice to the mix. Additionally, Anton proves again how badly he makes a first impression while Enzo shows his new Security badge and uses reason to address the situation.

The doll reaches out and touches Clint Barton, which results in a team up with Katya. It's not a true Marvel team up though cause they don't fight each other first. =(

Hank McCoy is puzzled by the whole thing and tries to examine one of the toys with little success.
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Picnic, Nautilus Pompilius, Ritchie Blackmore, The White Guard, Hibernation of the Beasts
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 This text is of no relevance to the cause of the Light.
~The Night Watch
This text is of no relevance to the cause of the Darkness.
~The Day Watch

The apartment building was one of those prefabricated ones that sprung up in the years which put Sputnik into space. The apartment itself was cluttered and cramped with old, seeming useless things; magazines, old newspapers and the like. The kitchen where Anton Gorodetsky sat nervously was over flowing with dishes and old food, and should have stank of rot but instead smelled of odd plants and herbs.

"You wife is pregnant with another's child. If you wish her back, the child must go. I can do this but I will not accept the sin." The old woman said as she dug for a jar. "Will you?"

Did he really want this? Was Polina really worth this? The unborn child changed everything. Ready to decine or refuse, he opened his mouth but then his pride rose and stung. "I accept. I will do it," he found himself sneering though he wasn't sure why. He wasn't that angry was he?

"Good," the woman said walking to the refrigerator and pulling out a bottle of vodka which she poured into the jar she had found. She put the bootle back and pulled out some vinegar to add next and then an egg before turning back to Anton and shuffling towards him. "Your hand."

"What?" He replied, oddly revolted by the idea of the old woman touching him.

"Your hand. I must have some of your blood for this."

He wanted to refuse but again his pride rose and he held out his hand, turning away as she pulled out a fresh disposable needle. With a sharp prick and squeeze, it was over and she was holding the jar and it's disgusting contents out to him. "Drink and I will make the curse."

He took the jar and looked in. He saw the yoke was still unbroken and swam about in his blood with the vodka and vinegar. "Well, come, come. I am a busy woman!"

He raised the jar to his lips and again wondered if this was worth it. He was still young and he had only know Polina a few years. Was he ready for so grave a sin on his conscience for young love?
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Head canon: I am thinking of incorporating some elements of the Night Watch movie into Anton's past but relying mostly on the books for canon. I like the idea of him being a jealous husband who goes to a witch to get his wife back. The witch, Daria, tells him his wife is pregnant with another man's child and it must miscarry. She can do this but he must accept the sin. He agrees but has trouble forcing himself to do the actual deed (unlike the movie) and is prevented from completing the Curse by the arrival of Tiger Cub and her team of Night Watch, who arrest the witch. The team is surprised when Anton reacts to their presence and are about to erase his memory when Boris Ivanovich arrives and declares Anton to be an Other and takes him on as his apprentice (as in the book). 

I like the movie prologue as it hints at the Darkness Anton has as well as the Light. It also helps explain Anton's hesitation with Svetlana, having been burned by love before. Obviously this would have been a young marriage, since he would have been 23 when this happens. Foolish young love.

Night Watch OOMs:
Tempted to at least do a short version of the above as a prologue.

Not sure if I want to do any of the cases from Night Watch. If do the prologue OOM, I think I should at least do the final case to show Anton adjusted to being an Other and accepting being a field operative.

And now I am tempted yet again to do the prologue and have Anton come to Milliways during the first case when he is hopped up on medicines and pig blood to attune himself to vampires.

Day Watch OOMs: (Ignoring the first case and jumping to the second)
01-Anton has been getting dire hints from his music that someone he knows is doomed. It is vague and he sulks about until Tiger Cub drags him to a pub to cheer him up. I don't know if he will tell her about the vague warnings but they are about her, of course.

02-Anton arrives too late to save Tiger Cub, dives into the Gloom to try and rescue her but fails, getting not one glimpse of the battle mage (can't mess with what has already been written). Wake at some bar with field team.

03-Maybe Anton finds his way to Milliways while on his trip to Prague in the third case?

Things to figure out:
Once Milliways finds Anton, does Boris Ivanovich know about Milliways? If not, how does Anton hide it from him? Perhaps Olga makes some sort of specialized amulet that only hides knowledge of Milliways and only works for Anton? Or maybe Bar or another patron provides one?


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