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Anton Gorodetsky ([personal profile] melomancer) wrote2013-04-22 04:22 pm

A plague of dolls

I have an idea for a bar plot that comes from our shared canon so I thought I'd let you guys know my thoughts.

So, when Katya-mun and I were threading Anton's past, we were supposed to have used that creepy doll from the movie but I spaced on it. Thus it didn't happen, which is sad cause that doll is super creepy. Poor doll. (there's a gif of the doll in this link to my journal)

What to do? What if Anton is involved with another witch case between stories 1 & 2 from the Night Watch book and the doll follows him into Milliways? It could make it way to the lost and found box and infect other toys as well, which could lead to a fun creepy bar wide plot. I don't think the dolls should do much more that be creepy and will be easy to take care once the problem is identified.

So what do you think? I know when I posted the idea on my personal journal at least two other muns seemed interested. Oh and June is when I am thinking of starting it and maybe having it last a week?
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I'm thinking this would be best. Also, how did we forget the doll? This is Sad and Tragic, and clearly the doll needs to retaliate. It's the only honorable thing left to do.
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My money is on doll-by-doll elimination. And maybe one escapes into the dark corners of Milliways, to plot its revenge at a later date...
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Bring it on - it's actually awesome timing - I have four days off this week, in between everything else.