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 This text is of no relevance to the cause of the Light.
~The Night Watch
This text is of no relevance to the cause of the Darkness.
~The Day Watch

The apartment building was one of those prefabricated ones that sprung up in the years which put Sputnik into space. The apartment itself was cluttered and cramped with old, seeming useless things; magazines, old newspapers and the like. The kitchen where Anton Gorodetsky sat nervously was over flowing with dishes and old food, and should have stank of rot but instead smelled of odd plants and herbs.

"You wife is pregnant with another's child. If you wish her back, the child must go. I can do this but I will not accept the sin." The old woman said as she dug for a jar. "Will you?"

Did he really want this? Was Polina really worth this? The unborn child changed everything. Ready to decine or refuse, he opened his mouth but then his pride rose and stung. "I accept. I will do it," he found himself sneering though he wasn't sure why. He wasn't that angry was he?

"Good," the woman said walking to the refrigerator and pulling out a bottle of vodka which she poured into the jar she had found. She put the bootle back and pulled out some vinegar to add next and then an egg before turning back to Anton and shuffling towards him. "Your hand."

"What?" He replied, oddly revolted by the idea of the old woman touching him.

"Your hand. I must have some of your blood for this."

He wanted to refuse but again his pride rose and he held out his hand, turning away as she pulled out a fresh disposable needle. With a sharp prick and squeeze, it was over and she was holding the jar and it's disgusting contents out to him. "Drink and I will make the curse."

He took the jar and looked in. He saw the yoke was still unbroken and swam about in his blood with the vodka and vinegar. "Well, come, come. I am a busy woman!"

He raised the jar to his lips and again wondered if this was worth it. He was still young and he had only know Polina a few years. Was he ready for so grave a sin on his conscience for young love?

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There are moments where time seems to break its own rules - either leaping ahead or dragging its feet unaccountably. This is usually due to a poorly done memory wipe, either by a member of the Day Watch, or one of the Night Watch. Luckily for Anton, the three members of the Night Watch on this section of patrol tonight are excellent at re-adjusting the memories of the humans around them. There probably won't even be a haze of memory to confuse him later. They are also the three most prone to violence, and that is the witch's poor luck tonight. Here, pay attention, Anton - here is what you won't remember to miss later.

"Koldunya Darya! This is the Night Watch, you are under arrest for practicing magic beyond the limits of your license!" There is a slim girl in dark jeans and a form-fitting leather coat, and a heavy-set man in the baggy trousers and white t-shirt that is almost a uniform on the streets of Moscow, both standing smack-dab in the middle of the kitchen, without taking the more mundane steps of knocking and opening doors.

(Katya's disappointed, the locks only went one level down into the Gloom - this is almost too easy.)
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Katya keeps her place as Bear snarls and lunges forward to give chase, and she can hear Seymon's dire muttering one level deep into the Gloom. Between the two of them they could take on a hundred underpowered witches, so she turns her attention to the rather misguided human in this mix.

(She was deemed 'least threatening' on the way up and nominated for the job. Shows how good the mask is.)

With deft fingers she plucks the jar out of Anton's hold, giving the contents (and, by proxy, Anton) a disgusted look.
"That's terrible, Anton." Yekaterina tsks, sternly, locating the cap to the jar after a few moments and pocketing the whole mess safely. The boss will want that later, for evidence.
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Katya ignores his question, dispassionately watching Seymon and Bear wrestle the surprisingly spry old woman. She fully intends on giving them hell for this later, making sure everyone hears about how ridiculously long this is taking.


Scratch that, she is going to tell everyone how this underpowered and ill-practiced creature is beating two battle-tried members of the Watch. Though maybe she won't tell the boss so quickly - she'd hate to be deprived of her favorite patrol partners, even for a little bit. Anton's commentary brings her head around sharply, giving him a piercing, assessing look, before looking back to spot the skillet (filthy, like most of the things in this wretched hovel) set out on the stove. It is too far for her to reach quickly, beyond the mass of struggling bodies splayed out on the floor.

So Katya takes the direct route. The small frazzle-haired girl suddenly snarls and stripes and leaps, a heavily muscled and lean Siberian tiger spanning the distance in a leap, ending coiled on the counter, sending crockery spilling in all directions. Then there is no tiger, just Katya scooping up the skillet and, with form that quite a few tennis professionals would envy, smacking the flat of the skillet into the witch's face.

She has precious little patience for Dark Others who do not come quietly.

"You have the right to reply to our questions." She crouches, waving her appropriated skillet threateningly. "Any magical action from your side will be interpreted as hostile and punished without warning."

So maybe she should have stated that up front. She's fairly sure the witch is caught up on the details now.

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Some time later (could be minutes, could be hours, time is mis-behaving and Katya did give their prisoner a bit of a concussion), when Anton wakes up again, Katya is sitting sprawled beside him, idly reading a well-thumbed copy of The Hobbit. Somewhere in the background two highly grumpy watchmen are questioning a highly querulous witch.

"Ah, Sleeping Beauty awakes. Perhaps now we can get down to business." She tucks her book off to one side, focusing on Anton again.

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"And now you are going to forget that this even happened." Katya grins crookedly, "Which will make you the envy of anyone who has to do paperwork for this, I'm sure. You sure picked an obstinate witch, Anton. As a favor to me, pick a more pleasant treaty breaker next time."

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There's a synchronized flinch across the room as all three Watch members try to remember what exactly they might have done to gain the Boss's interference. Then, both Bear and Seymon look to Katya.

"What? Oh no, I didn't... fine." She huffs at them, because this is just horrible horrible (and maybe just a little bit true) slander. She gestures for Anton to stay put as she rises, and disappears into the hall to answer the persistently ringing phone.

"Yes sir?"


"Anton Gorodetsky, yes."


"Sorry, sir."

"Yes, right away." There's a click as the phone is returned to its cradle, and then Katya returns to the kitchen, frowning at Anton. Huh.

"Come on then, Anton. The boss wants to see you. He's sending a car."

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"Yes, yes. Stop waffling, they'll be here momentarily." She huffs back at him, hauling him upright with a firm hand around his arm. Bear's gestured offer to help come herd Anton downstairs is waved off - she's been at this too long to have much trouble.

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Katya hustles him downstairs, through the aging lobby and to the street where a cab sits, idling. A young man, a student perhaps, is leaning against the trunk, smoking. He straightens abruptly when he spots Katya, opening the car doors for them.

"Head upstairs, they may still need a hand. And definitely ask about Bear's black eye." She grins cheerfully at the poor junior Other as she herds Anton into the car.


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